Our Services

Our Services


Services include feasibility and design review, forming strategies for distribution and sales, value engineering, as well as detailed, accurate estimates. We work closely with the Architects and Owners to gain a detailed understanding of their visions and intents. Once the goals have been established, we implement a realistic strategy for executing of plan in an efficient and high-quality methodology.

Feasibility analysis

We assist our Clients, Architect and Channel partner in analysing the feasibility of a design and in making the correct choices regarding the product.


Plan and design

With our knowledge of project lifecycles, we are seamlessly placed to identify and help develop project plans and design for appropriate and suitable designs.


Sales & Distribution strategy

We support our Channel partners/ Dealers with an overall sales strategy, with a sole focus on helping them optimize their resources. We work with connecting our channel partner network of agents locally and throughout geographical territory and manage sales performance and contract administration for every sale.


Provide in depth advice on the existing and expected market state. We develop short and long-term marketing strategies – including the expansion and management of integrated and innovative marketing campaigns.