Termite Proof Windows

Termite Proof Windows

Termite Proof Windows

A silent threat is spreading across the globe.

Termites: They cost consumers around the globe billions in repairs and treatments each year.

In most regions, warm, windless nights awaken swarms of newly hatched termites that take wing to found new colonies.

Termites eat dead plant material and herbivore dung, thereby removing this litter from the surface of the land, permitting sunlight and moisture to reach new growth.

Termites have for millions of years been eating the majority of fallen trees, dead trees and rotting trees, from all around the world. It is said that the world would be totally covered in a ten-meter pile of rotting timber, if it was not for the Termite.

Although they are referred to popularly as white ants, they are not closely related to ants, which are grouped with bees and wasps in a higher order of insects, the Hymenoptera. The social system of termites shows remarkable parallels with those of the Hymenoptera, but it has evolved independently, though it is supposed that many millennia ago they where once the same creature.

By using new age Integrity Aluminum windows and doorsBronze windows and doorsSteel windows and doors and stainless steel windows and doors the fear of termite is completely vanished.