Sound Proof Windows

Sound Proof Windows

Sound Proof Windows


Most noise or sound problems and soundproofing problems involve windows.  If you are not able to keep the noise or sound outside (or inside) of a home or building, then windows are almost always part of the noise or sound problem.

Sound proofing and Glass Thickness

Glass thickness can greatly affect how much noise or sound is stopped, and it is also how your soundproofing problem or noise or sound problem is solved.  Thin glass can destroy your noise or sound abatement and soundproofing project.  Thin glass does very little to help noise or sound problems; this is especially true of the lower frequencies.
You may have thin glass in old single glass windows or in smaller double glass windows and doors windows.  Two thin pieces of glass are not much better than one thin piece of glass.

Single Glass Windows

Regular double glass windows and doors are seldom better than single glass windows as far as stopping noise or sound. Most people know someone who replaced their single glass windows with double glass windows and doors and thought the noise or sound level was reduced. The truth is that their old single glass windows had very bad seals, which let in the noise or sound, not because the double glass windows and doors windows were better at stopping noise or sound.
Single glass windows should never be purchased new or as a replacement window.  For the energy efficiency alone, it will be worth it to get double glass windows and doors windows.  If for some reason you need or want a single glass window – get at least 8mm or 10mm thick glass.  If you have single glass windows now, you do not need to replace them because of the noise or sound.

If you have single glass windows now you can do a few things to help make it quieter. Seal it as well as you can.  Locking it tightly usually helps.  Putting a plastic/vinyl film on the glass will help a little.  Since it also helps on energy it may be worth it.  Do not expect a lot. This will help to a minor degree only, but sometimes every little bit helps.


Because of the quality of the double glass, window doors and double glass our windows and doors can contribute to improved sound insulation to a great extent.